Everything must be put in clear order and the little house furnished as simply and modestly as possible, while still being beautiful and intimate". Był też uzależniony od leków (morfiny). Maier-Preusker W., Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1880-1938. W 1932 roku Kirchner miał ponownie uzależnić się od morfiny. Lehmbruck and his contemporaries, Curt Valentin Gallery, New York, 24 Sep 1951–13 Oct 1951. Przeniesiono go wtedy do sanatorium Königstein im Taunus w pobliżu Frankfurtu. Dear God. [3], Soon after, Kirchner's close friend and mentor, Botho Graef died and Kirchner decided to return to Davos for treatment. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (ur. [2] In 1911, he moved to Berlin, where he founded a private art school, MIUM-Institut, in collaboration with Max Pechstein with the aim of promulgating "Moderner Unterricht im Malen" (modern teaching of painting). From then on, he committed himself to art. [3] Kirchner overcame his illness and, although he was still dependent on morphine, his doctor was slowly decreasing his doses. [3] Although Kirchner's parents encouraged his artistic career they also wanted him to complete his formal education so in 1901, he began studying architecture at the Königliche Technische Hochschule (royal technical university) of Dresden. All prints, paintings and photos included in www.ErnstLudwigKirchner.org are provided as an affiliate to Art.com who hold necessary permissions. Er hatte zwei jüngere Geschwister, Hans Walter und Ulrich Kirchner. Był pionierem niemieckiego ekspresjonizmu i zaprezentował całkiem nowy styl patrzenia na sztukę. I am so happy to be allowed to be here, and through hard work I should like to thank the people for the kindness they have shown me". He addressed them in "An open letter to the Basle Red-Blue group" in No. Aschaffenburg 1880 - Davos 1938 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner studied architecture in Dresden where he met and worked with Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. [3] There he was under the care of Dr. Lucius Spengler who forced Kirchner to adhere to strict rules and routine. In 1911, Kirchner moved to Berlin. [3] Throughout 1916, Kirchner periodically returned to Berlin for a few weeks at a time to continue his work at his studio; he also produced a series of oil paintings, and many drawings, during his stays in Königstein. 5 of Das Kunstbaltt, where stated that he was not their patron. W 1912 roku poznał swoją długoletnią partnerkę życiową – Ernę Schilling (1884-1945). Arbeiten von EL Kirchner, Kunstsalon Ludwig Schames, Frankfurt am Main, Oct 1916–Oct 1916. A második világháború után rendeztek egyéni kiállításokat Kirchner munkáiból, a Svájcba magával vitt és az ott alkotott műveket háborús károsodás nem érte. The hard work, which is done with great love, the way they treat animals (you very seldom see an animal being mishandled) entitle them to be proud. 15 czerwca 1938 koło Davos) – niemiecki malarz ekspresjonista i grafik, jeden z założycieli grupy „Most” (niem. [3] Kirchner's father died on the 14 February. [3][10], Eberhard Grisebach visited him in March, writing to Helen Spengler of Kirchner's condition: "I spent two mornings with Kirchner which I shall never forget. Głównym powodem tej przeprowadzki był brak sukcesów artystycznych oraz środków do życia. „Die Brücke”). W niedługim czasie około 600 jego prac zostało zniszczonych, co spowodowało kolejne załamanie nerwowe artysty. Sensual, direct and dynamic, it defies all taboos. : transferred to The Museum of Modern Art and later The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum i New York. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880-1938) Selbstbildnis, 1925/26 (Autoportret) Öl auf Leinwand, 65 x 47 Slg. [3] Erna continued to live in the house until her death in 1945. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - German expressionist painter Kirchner [2] The group aimed to eschew the prevalent traditional academic style and find a new mode of artistic expression, which would form a bridge (hence the name) between the past and the present. [3] In 1927, Kirchner organized a memorial exhibition for Albert Müller at the Kunsthalle Basel. When we began to look at them, he came alive. He volunteered for army service in the First World War, but soon suffered a breakdown and was discharged. It is a terribly difficult thing, of course, to be among strangers so much of the day. Po udziale w wystawie Związku Specjalnego (niem. Analytische Untersuchungen zur Werkstruktur, Gießen 1983. W latach 1908 oraz 1912–1914 Kirchner spędzał letnie miesiące na wyspie Fehmarn. As for the moderns, I saw damned little that gripped me". Do 1925 roku dzięki takim zabiegom, ale i swojej pracy twórczej obudził w ludziach zafascynowanie własną osobą oraz twórczością, bowiem cechował go niepowtarzalny i charakterystyczny styl. Everywhere a search for style, for psychological understanding of his figures. This is the last judgement, before them you stand….. Dokumentarfilm, Deutschland, 2010, 26 Min., reżyseria: Barbara Dickenberger, produkcja: Hessischer Rundfunk, arte, Inhaltsangabe von ARD. Od 1993 roku znajduje się w Wichtrach pod Bernem. [3], In 1925, Kirchner became close friends with fellow artist, Albert Müller and his family. [3], In 1934, Kirchner visited Berne and Zurich, finding the former more pleasing than the latter, and met Paul Klee. [12] His first solo museum show in the US was at the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1937. Jego twórczość w czasach narodowego socjalizmu (nazizmu) w oczach władz nie przedstawiała żadnej wartości. [3] As Kirchner's father searched for a job, the family moved frequently and Kirchner attended schools in Frankfurt and Perlen until his father earned the position of Professor of Paper Sciences at the College of technology in Chemnitz, where Kirchner attended secondary school.
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